Local Government Training

CivicMinded offers a variety of training opportunities to enhance your community's public service in ways that make a difference at the level of person-to-person interactions in the field and on the streets.

Training series are available in both self-paced, online and on-site, interactive formats.

Don't see the training you are looking for? Contact us to see if we can custom-tailor a training opportunity specific to your need.

  • Running a Public Meeting (Parliamentary Procedure)

  • Planning and Zoning Basics

  • Administrating Zoning Changes

  • Understanding Variances

  • How to Handle Administrative Appeals

  • Essentials of Municipal Governance

  • Public Commission/Board Orientations

  • Subdivision Basics

  • Plan Review and Permitting Procedures

  • Economic Development Essentials

  • Establishing Fees and User Charges

  • Many more including customized content and formats

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Code Administration

CivicMinded offers a variety of plan review and code administrative services for municipal governments.

Our administrative consulting services will provide you with expert processing, evaluation and determinations as it pertains to the relationship between specific development proposals, adopted regulations and best practices.

Whether your municipality needs someone to process zoning cases from start-to-finish or just someone to supplement during peak workloads, CivicMinded will help.

Plan Review and Code Administration services include:

  • Plan Review for Zoning Code Compliance

  • Plan Review for Subdivision Code Compliance

  • Plan Review for Sign Code Compliance

  • Zoning Map Amendment Administration

  • Code Amendment Administration for:

    • Subdivision Regulations

    • Zoning Regulations

    • Sign Regulations

    • Other types of land use and development regulations

  • Variance Case Administration

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Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning is one of the most important exercises undertaken by any local government. When done well, these planning efforts become a foundation for long-term success and economic prosperity for a community or region. When not done well, these plans can place a drag on governance and economic activity.

Traditional comprehensive planning will cost your organization substantial resources only to produce a document with nothing more than a short shelf life. CivicMinded provides comprehensive planning services that will help your community develop an effective plan that engages your community and is very likely to result in desirable long-term outcomes.

Comprehensive Planning Services:

  • Land Use Planning

  • Transportation Planning

  • Infrastructure Planning

  • Public Engagement and Awareness

  • Key Stakeholder Identification and Communication

  • Economic Development Strategy

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Economic Development & Marketing

Is your community looking to gain an advantage in business or talent attraction, retention or expansion? Is your region on a growth trajectory and hoping to seize opportunities for new capital investment?

CivicMinded offers a variety of economic development and marketing services that can help you better understand your community's and region's most marketable and productive aspects as well as strategies for how to shore up weaknesses or deficiencies.

Economic Development and Marketing Service:

  • Community Profile Development and Deployment

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Business Retention & Expansion (BR|E) Programming

  • Regulatory/Procedural Threat Audit

  • Relational Threat Audit

  • Capital Infrastructure Coordination

  • Lead Response Preparation

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Public Engagement

CivicMinded offers a variety of services to help you engage the varied audiences that constitute the community of residents, travelers, proprietors, and patrons that comprise the public we serve.


Engaging people requires communication that is meaningful, persuasive and interesting. CivicMinded can provide exactly that when and where you need it. We will help you activate your community and achieve your goals.

Public Engagement Services:

  • Public Meeting/Forum Facilitation

  • Messaging/Content Development

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Communication Skills Coaching

  • Public Education Campaign Development and Execution

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Strategic Planning

It is said, if you can't immediately recall your top 3 priorities...then you don't have priorities. 

CivicMinded will assist your organization with developing clear vision, mission, values and priorities to carry your team through to success.

CivicMinded provides strategic planning services for long-term, organization-wide applications as well as specific, project-driven situations.

Strategic Planning Services:

  • Visioning Facilitation

  • Mission Definition

  • Core Values Identification/Development

  • Prioritization Facilitation

  • Leadership Coaching

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